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Accomodation Rules

Dear Guests! We are pleased to welcome you to our SV hostel and we will do our best to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.

The hostel Administration appreciates and protects the right of every guest to comfort, safety and personal space. You are expected to respect other guests staying at the hostel and follow the following accommodation rules:

  • We are open 24 h for our clients. At night, you should call the intercom, introduce yourself and then you'll be let in.
  • One must keep silence from 11 pm to 9 am.
  • One may turn on the music in hostel only after it was agreed with the Administration and your roommates.
  • One should communicate with the staff of the SV Hostel and other guests  staying here only in a friendly and business-like manner.
  • The hostel adheres to the general rules of politeness.
  • Our hostel provides separate rooms for owners with pets.
  • The hostel has a video surveillance system to ensure your safety and improve the service quality.
  • At the request of the Guest, the invitees may stay in certain rooms in our hostel (from 9 am to 10 pm). The administrator has the right, without giving any reason, to deny the Guest the stay of persons he/she invited. Where the Guest's invitee remains after 10 pm or the registered Guest leads to his/her room any unauthorized persons at night (from 8 pm to 8 am), these persons must be registered as roommates to share the Guest's room. Such roomshare will be charged according to the approved price list.
  • The guests of the hostel may give their valuables to the Administrator to be kept in the safe. This service is free of charge.
  • The Administration is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left in the rooms unattended. For this purpose there are individual lockers.

For security purposes, in the rooms of SV Hostel one is prohibited to:

  • Smoke in all rooms of the hostel;
  • Drink alcohol;
  • Eat;
  • Use additional heaters (boilers, etc.);
  • Store in the room bulky items, flammable, explosive, toxic and narcotic substances and materials, firearms;
  • Dispose of bottles and other rubbish from the windows;
  • Use the hostel property for purposes other than intended, for instance use linen, towels and coverlets as dusters, mats, etc.

The Guest is required:

  • To observe the Fire Safety Rules for Those Living in a Hostel, the established order of accommodation and to keep things neat and tidy;
  • To compensate the damage in case of loss or damage to property, according to the current Price List for Damage of Hotel Property in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as to be responsible for other violations. The fact of damage to property and reimbursement of its cost is documented by a special act, which is made in two copies, one for each party.
  • Upon the end of the stay period, to give the room over to the staff member on duty and make full payment for any additional services.
  • The Book of Reviews and Suggestions is at the reception and is given immediately upon request expressed by the Guest (unless he/she is intoxicated). Reasonable demands and complaints are dealt with by the Director immediately.

Thank you for having chosen the city of St. Petersburg and our comfortable SV Hostel.